how to get or increase real and instant organic traffic without seo to your website

How to Get or Increase Real and Instant Organic Traffic Without Seo to Your Website.

Asslam-o-Alaikum im Shahid Khoso

Today i have brought a useful article associated with how to get instant organic to your website,this is a genuine method with this every one can increase his/her website traffic instant and organic.

Guys as we know to become a successful blogger we must keep eye on every step from beginner to advance it may be choosing a responsive and beautiful theme, on page seo or of page seo, writing good content, choosing low competition or long tail keywords.These are factors that rank you on top but not everyone, what happens if any one have implemented these all factors but still have no traffic on his/her website or still facing failure in blogging.

how many of you continuously trying to increase your traffic but still getting no any result ?
how many of you have been tired to making research on getting traffic but still fail ?

if these both questions links to you with any aspects, then you must stay here and read what is going to be suggested.
If you are a new Blogger then this article will really support you to increase your traffic in order to become a successful blogger.

I have observed many of us are always asking a question that how to increase traffic on our website even on Facebook or Quora this question ranks alawys on top. So keeping eyes on this question i thought i must try for a article that helps those who don't have idea increase their website traffic and also helps those who are new blogger.

Guys There are many of  us who are trying regularly to increase their website traffic but still have no useful result, so at the end of this article you will be able to get huge instant organic traffic without seo on your website, if you follow given steps.

Now a days blogging trend has been become popular and every blogger dreams huge visitors on his/her website. i'm sure every needs instant and organic traffic on his/her website. And we also know that without traffic we cant earn.

Many of us do a mistake who get paid traffic mostly this happens with new bloggers who doesn't know the effects of purchased traffic, Guys i'm telling you paid traffic will lead you towards failure directly.

I will suggest,You must try, you must learn and also you must make mistake but do not give up .

Here We start

Guys Here i want to tell you there are many ways to increase traffic on your website.
dropping links of your post at social media groups or pages. Registering your website on story web portals.

Here i'm sharing you links of web portals that take your article as story. Just upload your article and get instant organic traffic on your blog.

Web portals



Guys Here i'm sharing Facebook group names just join and share your article trust me you will get 100% free instant organic traffic on your blog.

Facebook Groups groups 

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