Top 10 Best keywords and keyword ideas for writing an article

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I have brought a meaning article for you that is related with best keywords for blogging, or writing an article. I know that may be some of you don’t know about blogging so that I m sharing you a link you can read that post in order to get idea on blogging.

How to Earn money online with Blogger

What is keyword research with respect to blogging?

Keyword research is a phenomenon of searching actual keywords that are most searched by people on search engines, most of the bloggers use certain tools and techniques to find out keywords that are most popular at search engine with low competition. Low competition keywords are those keywords that can rank your blog in Google at first index also with high Cpc. By researching actual keywords knowing their search volume you can tackle those keywords that most people have searched.

Note: In last I will show you some keywords that have low competition with high searche volume. 1 to 10 lacs.

Why new bloggers becomes Fail

Many of the bloggers leave blogging when they fail to write a unique article. Even they work hard to rank in Google but they can’t. here is strategy that is not followed by them, first one is content , most of the bloggers think that we do copy easily and we will not be claimed, but they are wrong. Google is enough smart to catch out these all. But That is the reason that many new bloggers work hard for ranking their post on google but when they fail down they think blogging is tough job. 


But here i will suggest you do not give up. start taking out drawbacks within yourself and find what the actual thing is that takes you back. As per my little experience. You must totally focus on your content, try to find out what is missing here it may be not a unique content or may be shortage of keywords or the way you are following that is not actual direction, you must change your direction little bit.

Why keywords and keyword research is important while writing an article

As I already mentioned above that these are the keywords who ranks our post on Google first index. Many of the bloggers used to write articles without any re-search of keywords, even they don’t know how to do simple SEO so that article ranks on Google. And Happens what  site’s traffic going to be decreased instead of increment. 

How to research keywords for seo

IF you want to get huge traffic on your blog then you must go through proper channel. Before research of keywords you must choose a (niche) or topic that you are going to make research on it. Like yoga, health, make money online etc. After that prepare a list of important keywords, take your selected keywords and simply enter into Google search engine one by one and count the average searches of each word. Those words which have search results between 1 lac to 10 lac  just copy them and save in your notepad file. In order to get good results  you need to make a chain of keywords that take you on Google first index.

Tools and techniques used to research keywords

There are many tools and techniques to research keywords and no doubts these tools leaded many bloggers towards success. Some of them I’m going to share with you.Note: some of the tools are paid so you need pay for them.

              Google keyword planner  

              Keyword tool    

              Keyword Finder 

           Word tracker 

             Word stream  



Life changing Keywords that are most searched in search engines.Note: keyword rank and popularity is changed every time. It remains same as current trend is on.

Keywords and their search volume

(i)          youtube                = 1,680,000,000
(ii)            facebook             = 1,680,000,000
(iii)        google                  = 755,000,000
(iv)        google translate   = 277,000,000
(v)         translate               = 227,470,184
(vi)        weather                = 226,666,607
(vii)       facebook login     = 185,000,000
(viii)     instagram             = 123,778,505
(ix)        whatsapp             = 101,030,023
(x)         twitter                   = 83,100,000
(xi)        tubidy                   = 30,400,000
(xii)       youtube mp3        = 30,414,050
(xiii)     snapchat              = 13,599,987
(xiv)     livescore              = 55,697,372
(xv)      what is my ip        =3,350,000
(xvi)     Hotmail                = 506,000,000
(xvii)    Amazon               =277,000,000
(xviii) What time is it      = 1,830,000

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