Discovery of 'unknown signals' during the search for dark matter

Discovery of 'unknown signals' during the search for dark matter

Scientists exploring the existence of 'dark matter' in the universe have found a signal that is currently unexplained.

Dark matter is a substance found in the universe whose existence cannot be directly observed, but the existence of this mysterious matter can be confirmed under the principle of gravity.

Scientists who have discovered this unknown signal are working on a scientific project called Xenon OneT, which aims to study the dark matter in the universe.

While working on the Xenon One T, scientists have used their detectors to detect far more activity in the universe than they expected.

Scientists speculate that this 'unexpected activity' may be due to the darker, hitherto unrecognizable particles of the Solar Xenon.

What is a dark meter?

Dark meters make up about 85% of the matter in the universe, but the nature and composition of dark matter is still a mystery.

Dark meters do not reflect or emit any light that is identifiable or can be detected by a device. This is the mystery of why it has been called 'dark matter' or dark matter.

Possible Single Specifications

There are three possible explanations for the unknown signal received on Xenon OneT. One is that this may be due to a darker, still-unrecognizable particle called 'Xian'. And we will need modern physics to explain the other two explanations.

So far, scientists have only seen indirect evidence of dark matter. What exactly is this substance and its indirect detection of particles has not yet been completed by scientists.

There are many theories as to what this substance might be.

Scientists have spent more than a decade exploring this mysterious substance under a project called Xenon. But more than a decade of research has revealed nothing, and the substance remains a mystery to scientists today.

Noise behind the scenes

The Xenon experiment took place between 2016 and 2018 at the Italian underground laboratory Gran Sasso.

Its detector was filled with 3.2 tons of pure liquid xenon gas. Of these 3.2 tons, two tons were used as a 'target' or target to detect other unknown particles in the universe.

When an unknown particle passes close to a target, it can emit a small amount of light, and with the help of this light, xenon atoms can be separated from the free electrons.

Reverse or reciprocal action between particles occurs when known particles in the universe, such as cosmic rays, neutrinos or moons, collide with each other. And when this process takes place, scientists call the resulting reaction a 'behind-the-scenes signal'.

Scientists working on a project called Xenon OneT closely examines every signal and sound that comes from behind the scenes.

He estimated that about 232 such signals could be received during the project, but the number of signals he received during the experiment was 285, meaning that a few 53 signals were noticed as unexpected activity.

One explanation for this may be that scientists have received signals from something they did not previously consider a source of pollution. These Xenon OneT devices may contain small particles of tritium.

It can also be caused by neutrinos that move in the trillions of your body every moment. One explanation could be the magnetic field of neutrinos.

This gives the impression that it may be possible to explain it with the help of some new physics.

However, this discovery is similar to the discovery of solar eclipses, which are very light and cannot be seen. It is also considered a candidate for dark matter.

Statistically, the value of 3.5 sigma has been found in the Solar Xian hypothesis.

This value is significant, but it does not mean that we can decide that Axis exists. The discovery of five sigmas is acknowledged.

Both the assumptions of magnetic motion of tritium and neutrinos fall on 3.2 Sigma, which means they also meet information.

Scientists working on the Xenan project are now improving it by transferring Xenan NT projects. With better information in the future, the politician hopes that in the future they will be able to better understand this discovery.
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